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-====== ​(Intakes) ​======+====== ​Intake ​====== 
 +An **intake** is a mechanism that allows the robot to acquire and store game objects. The term is also used to loosely refer to any mechanism that can grab objects. While an intake is technically not needed in order to have a running robot, it is an essential mechanism for teams to be competitive. Many games in VEXIQ and VRC have required some form of intake to be able to score high points in a match and as a result, remain competitive against other teams. The yearly change in the games for both VEXIQ and VRC have both produced numerous intake designs and countless adaptations of existing designs.
 +=====Types of Intakes=====
 +The following list features intakes that have seen prominent use. By no means is this list exclusive.
 +  * Claw
 +  * Roller
 +    * Side
 +    * Top
 +  * Scoop
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