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You can view the full description of VEX IQ Awards in the VEX IQ Awards Appendix.

The VEX IQ Judges guide defines the judging process in VEX IQ tournaments. Another important judging docuement is the VEX IQ Design Award Rubric.

Standard Judged Awards

The following is a standard set of awards that will be offered at most events.

  • Excellence Award - Top All Around Program (Robot Performance and Judged). The award considers multiple categories including Design Award/engineering notebook, Skills Challenge scores, and qualification ranking.
  • Teamwork Champion Award (2 teams) - 1st Place Teamwork Challenge Alliance (Robot Performance)
  • Design Award - Most effective and efficient robot design process
  • STEM Research Project Award - Most effective research project presentation
  • Robot Skills Champion Award - Top combined Programming and Driving Skills Challenge score

Other Robot Performance Awards

Based on the team’s performance in the Robot Challenges

  • Teamwork 2nd Place Award (2 teams) - Each Team on the 2nd Place Teamwork Challenge Alliance
  • Robot Skills 2nd Place Award - 2nd Place combined Programming and Driving Skills Challenge

Technical Judged Awards

Based on the deliberations of a dedicated volunteer judging team

  • Amaze Award - Amazing, well rounded, and top performing robot
  • Build Award - Sturdy, well-crafted robot
  • Create Award - Robot with a creative engineering solution
  • Think Award - Robot utilizes effective programming

Other Judged Team Awards

Other Judged Team Awards

  • Energy Award - Demonstrates extraordinary enthusiasm
  • Promote Award - Team with the best Online Challenge video submission
  • Sportsmanship Award - Demonstrates respect and great enthusiasm

Individual Awards

  • Mentor of the Year Award - Recognizes outstanding mentor
  • Teacher of the Year Award - Recognizes outstanding teacher
  • Volunteer of the Year Award - Recognizes outstanding program/event volunteer

Purchasing Awards

To buy the trophies and/or award plates, please visit:

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