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(Game Challenge)

Game Analysis

One of the 2016 REC Foundation online challenge entrants in the STEM Educational Video category provides an excellent framework for analyzing any new VEX Robotics game: VEX Robotics Guide to Effective Game Analysis. It's well worth the 3 minutes to watch (direct YouTube link).

Here's a summary of their methodology:

  1. Watch the video of the new game
  2. Read the game manual and appendices (A - Field Specifications; B - Robot Skills), which can all be found on the REC Foundation website.
  3. Read the manual again, this time making annotations on the important aspects of the game
    • how to score
    • build restrictions
  4. Read the manual again
    • highlight & understand all the ways to score points
    • the most common way to score
    • most rewarding way to score
    • Do this for programming skills & driver skills manuals as well
    • ALSO:
    • how to de-score (if allowed in this year's game)
    • how to keep your opponents from de-scoring you
    • Make lists of all of these things above for engineering notebook
  5. Break down the game into simple tasks that lead to winning matches
    • determine the most optimal, efficient, and reliable ways to win based on #3 and #4
    • make a list of all the ways to deny points, no matter how obscure they may be
  6. Make a list of all the building & design limitations
    • size constraints
    • motors/pneumatics
    • special rules that nullify or modify the above restrictions
  7. Determine what tasks the robot should be able to do
    • define clear objectives of what you want the robot to do (e.g., drive, pick up objects, place or throw objects)
    • put objectives in one column of a table
    • in the next column, list quantitative abilities for each objective (how fast, how many objects, etc.)
  8. Make an overall schedule of work between now and your first competition.

Good luck!

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