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Team Registration

Starstruck game piece

Season Registration

Team registration opens almost immediately after the new game is announced, both for new teams and returning teams at If a team has money left in its budget for the current school year, this is a good place to use it. Why register in the Spring? Why not wait until later in the summer or when school comes back in the fall? Well, upon registering, a welcome package is sent that includes a sample game piece, license plates, and one engineering notebook to help teams get started.

Waiting until mid-summer to register can result in weeks-long waiting for the sample game pieces due to high demand. Having an actual game piece in hand greatly helps the brainstorming process.

Event Registration

Once a robot is registered for the season then that robot can register to attend a competition. Each robot from an organization must register anew each year, and then each robot attending a tournament from the organization must register for the event. Once an organization's teams are registered for the year, they will appear in a dropdown menu during the registration process.

Upcoming tournaments, leagues, and skills challenge events can be found at, with handy filters for location, dates, and type of event, as shown in the screenshot below.

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