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VRC Skills World Standings

The VRC Skils World Standings comprise of every team who has competed in the Skills Challenge's combined highest score at a competition. A combined score consists of the sum of the Driver Skills and Programming Skills Score.

Qualification Through the VRC Skils World Standings

National, State, and Regional World Championship Qualifiers

A team can earn qualification for their regional, state, or national World Championship Qualifier by having one of the highest scores within it. However, the exact number of skills qualifying positions for a qualifier fluctuates every year based on the size of it, as well as the total amount of teams who have qualified for it multiple times.

World Championship Qualification

Any team which is ranked 50th or above in the VRC Skills World Standings after the deadline automatically qualifies for worlds. Also, double qualification does not give lower ranked teams a spot at worlds. For example, if the team in 1st place in skills wins the Excellence Award at their World Championship Qualifier and therefore double qualifies for Worlds, the 51st ranked team would not qualify for Worlds based on the World Standings.

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