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VEX EDR Overview

There are not enough students choosing STEM-related paths to meet the growing global demand. We need to change the way we think about teaching these topics if we want to get more students involved. Educators need something that is accessible enough for a new user to pick up quickly, engaging enough to keep students excited, and versatile enough to encourage creative thinking. The study of robotics has risen to the top as one of the most effective solutions to this need – and for over ten years, no robotics platform has proven more suitable for classroom use than VEX EDR. VEX EDR is more than an integrated system of motors, wheels, metal, and sensors that can be used to build or program robots. It’s an established classroom companion for STEM learning in middle and high school. It’s a tool to help students understand crucial problem-solving concepts. It’s a catalyst to help students discover a passion that could continue to drive them through college, a career, or even the rest of their life.

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Control and Communication

Cortex CPU

Cortex Power and Electrical

Cortex Motors and Controllers



Cortex Wiring

VEX Competition Products


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